Monday, July 30, 2012

Today, We Roll....

Today we roll(ed) through Old Delhi.  On a bicycle rickshaw.  This is a tiny fraction of what we were able to see...

One of the MANY forms of transportation in Old Delhi...
Woah.  Can you say electrical mayhem?  So. Many. Wires.
Gorgeous flowers at a local street vendor.  This particular "nook" was located on one of the narrowest streets we traveled down.  Since these narrow streets are so common, only bicycle rickshaws and motorbikes are able to travel throughout the majority of the city.  
Posing for the picture on top of what appears to be sacks of rice?  Our friends here noticed I was taking a picture of them and decided to put on a little show. Now they know how we feel! :)
Street vendor selling....??
This is what you call an Old Delhi traffic jam.  There were cars, buses, animals, motorbikes, took tooks, bicycle rickshaws and the like EVERYWHERE.  Can you imagine driving, walking, riding, or even watching this kind of traffic on a daily basis!?

Spice Market in Old Delhi = sensory overload!

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