Sunday, July 15, 2012

Next Up: Pune

The differences in landscape from one city to the next in India is astounding.  We drove from Mumbai to Pune and I thought I would share a few pictures from the journey.

From this:
So you know how I keep saying India is a country of contrasts?  This picture says it all.  Tall, modern building right next to one of the largest slums in India.  Pretty unbelievable.  Contrasts exist all over the country.  Whether it's modernity vs. tradition or northern vs southern India; no two people, places, or things ever seem to be the same

To this:

The Western Ghats.  They were beautiful.  My photography skills do not do them justice.  The mountains were so incredibly green - probably due to the fact that it is monsoon season here, meaning it rains non-stop.

There were waterfalls everywhere.  It was such a gorgeous drive.  Unfortunately, I took all of these pictures on the bumpiest bus ride I have ever been on so they are not the best.
I love this picture.  The mountains look like they go on forever.  India has such stark differences in geography and topography from one place to the next.  I have to say this has been the prettiest city I have visited thus far in india.  Granted I'm comparing it to one of the largest cities in the world...Mumbai.

See what I mean?!  In just three hours we traveled from a city of 21 million to the lush green mountains of the Western Ghats. You don't even have to travel North to South or East to West to witness these drastic differences, just drive a few hours up the road and there ya have it...a completely different world.

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