Friday, May 18, 2012


Ardell Lashes 110 via Ulta
Andrea Lash Strip 21 via Ulta

I love eyelashes.  I think they really make the whole look come together.  Unfortunately, I have almost NO eyelashes.  I was browsing Groupon one day and came across a great deal on eyelash extensions so I thought I would try it out.  My experience was terrible.  It cost way too much, ripped out all of my eyelashes, and lasted for no more than a week and a half.  I am sure some people have had better luck then myself, but for now I will still to fake lashes.  There are a ton of different styles of fake eyelashes but my personal favorites are the two listed above.  They are much more "natural" looking (as natural as fake lashes can be) then the majority of the others on the market.  The individual lashes will definitely give you the most natural look but they also take MUCH longer to apply and stress me out way too much!

I usually do my eye makeup first and save the lash application for last.  Some people like to do the lashes first but my eye makeup always seems to end up all over the lashes and then it just doesn't look as good.  I like to finish my eyes, apply the lashes, and then apply mascara and eyeliner once they are already on.  This way you can really make the lashes blend into the lash line as much as possible.

Here are my tips to applying fake lashes:  

1.  Trim the lashes to fit your eyes.

2.  Apply dark glue (blends better than white glue) to both lashes and lay them face up on a washcloth while you apply your eye makeup.  This will allow the glue to dry a little and become tacky so that they will stick much better when you are ready to apply them.

3.  Place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible while trying to avoid the lid.  The closer they are to the lash line the more natural they will look.

4.  Hold in place while they dry.

5.  Apply eyeliner to better blend the lashes (I like to put eyeliner on top of the lashes as well as under the lash line on the top lid)

6.  Apply a TINY bit of dark mascara so that your lashes will appear to be the same color as the fake lashes.

7.  Curl lashes at the base to blend your natural lashes with the fake lashes.

I have been wearing fake lashes for a while now and I'm still not a pro at it, but in my eyes fake lashes are better than no lashes!  Practice makes perfect, right?

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