Thursday, January 31, 2013

Helpin' a Sista Out

A few of my health(ier) favorites for you, Weezie
 Lemon Sparkling water - I could drink a bottle of this in an hour, but can't seem to make myself drink 2 normal glasses of water in 4 hours.
Izze - great alternative for all those soda lovers out there.  All natural ingredients and 2 servings of fruit per bottle.
Wallaby - Nonfat Vanilla yogurt.  The best.
Food Should Taste Good - Multigrain chips.  So good.  So many flavors (Multigrain and Blue corn are my personal favorites)
Rudi's Bread - organic, non -gmo...all that good stuff.  Only kind I buy now.
Love Grown Granola.  Apple Walnut Delight is my jam.

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