Friday, September 13, 2013

Boulder Flood

Fun facts:
Now being referred to as the "500 year flood"
Total rainfall since Monday: 14.62 inches.  If it were November/December this would equate to ~15 ft of snow.
Boulder Creek was running at 5000+ cfs yesterday afternoon.

Boulder Creek, right off Broadway

The bottle/debris marks the water line from yesterday at the high point

Behind Mustards Last Stand

Water flowing under Broadway bridge btw Canyon and Arapahoe

Looking West up Boulder Creek

Looking east over Broadway bridge

Skimboarding in North Boulder Park

4th St near Sanitas

19th St

19th St


19th St about 8 blocks from our place

Elementary school on 19th
Thank you for all of the sweet messages!


  1. Blows my mind!!! I am really grateful that you posted the locations of all of the photos so I wouldn't have to ask you later hahah AND I'm grateful that you're safe! 19th is crazy.

  2. Wow!! That is crazy - I am with Robin I wanted to know where the photos were taken. That creek is raging.

  3. I can not believe this! Continuing to pray for y'all, stay safe!!