Monday, November 5, 2012

The Adventures of Z - Man

This little guy has pretty much taken over my life.  I am annoyed with myself at how many pictures I have taken of my new little buddy - I am that person that now.  Sorry guys:)

For those of you not on instagram...

He has just learned how to go up/down stairs (sort of).  Sometimes he gets stuck and just sits there and barks until someone comes to his rescue -- at very inopportune times -- like when I am in the shower.

He loves to play zombie at night

He's a good little hiker for being so young.  He's sitting here feeling very awkward watching Pat and I laugh hysterically at him b/c his back legs are much faster than his front legs so when he really gets up to speed he is basically running sideways -- pendulum effect.
basking in the morning sunlight

Weezie's first comment on this picture was that my thumb nail looked abnormally small.  Don't fret friends, I can assure my thumb nail is a perfectly acceptable length.  Weird angle, weez.

Zeus LOVES to meet new dog friends.  Especially 4 month old black lab pups.

Who else out there loves a good panorama iphone shot?  Upslope Brewery/Food truck party. Z man was the star of the party.
Hopefully I will have something more interesting to post soon:)  Louise, help!


  1. the zombie is too much!!! Z Man is adorable!

  2. I dig the doggie posts.....should be a weekly installment.

  3. I will never get tired of the Zeus pictures!