Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pokhara Trek

One word to describe this day: surreal.

Hiking in a thick fog up through the small villages at the top of the hill was indescribable.    I think the people living in the village were pretty shocked to see/hear 4 Americans walking down their road.

Jagan leading the way.

Nepali style morning coffee break with a family who lives in the village.

Awesome day care center started by a Nepali man and American women to care for children (mostly under the age of 3) who would otherwise be left at home all day while the parents go to work.

oh.my.goodness.purple shirt. front right.

sweetest personality

This just appeared around the corner as the fog started to clear.

Stupa. In the middle of the forest.  Very dreamlike.

The fog cleared just in time to get a beautiful view of the lake and city.



There were beautiful canoes scattered across the entire lake.

Ol' Leechfoot looking very relaxed in the canoe. Unfortunately, he suffered 3 leech bites hiking down through the forest.

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